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Email Score

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The email score is based on the lab data analyzed by SoapChimp.
Scale: 90-100% (Masterpiece) 70-89% (Looks Good) 0-69% (Spammy!)

πŸ”— Domain

Domain not blacklisted Checking...
Your domain is blacklisted based on Hetrixtools information.
Check here how to remove your domain from blacklist.
DKIM & SPF records configured Checking...
DKIM & SPF records is the standard validation to send emails from your domain. More info here.
Custom sender domain Checking...
Acquire a domain ($10-15 cost yearly) so your campaigns looks more professional.
Not role based email Checking...
Send your campaigns from a real name, avoid using role based addresses.

πŸ‘₯ List

Where did you collected your emails?
Please select
You have to comply with spam laws and you need the permission of your subscribers to send them your campaigns.
Have you cleaned your list before importing it to your email service provider?
Please select
Do some email scrubbing with services like Neverbounce or Emaillistverify to clean from typos and errors.
Have you cleaned your list from inactive members in the past 90-day period?
Please select
Clean your list from inactive members, if you use Mailchimp use a tool like SoapChimp.

✏️ Subject line

Subject length Checking...
Reduce the length of the subject to be less than 40 characters.
Uppercase abuse Checking...
Prevent the abuse of uppercase in the subject line.
Spammy keywords Checking...
{{ spamWordsText }}, complete list of keywords to prevent.

πŸ“ Body

HTML sanity Checking...
Check your HTML in an online tool like this one.
Content length Checking...
Reduce the weight of the content to less than {{ maxValues[emailPurpose].bodySize }}Kb. Find the full case of study from Email on Acid ,here.
Sentences length Checking...
Use shorter sentences to communicate your message, use less than {{ maxValues[emailPurpose].bodyParagraphMaxSize }} words per sentence.
Link count Checking...
Your email has {{ score.bodyCountElementsA.result }} links. Use less than {{ maxValues[emailPurpose].bodyCountElementsA }} links in your content.
Image count Checking...
Your email has {{ score.bodyCountElementsImg.result }} images. Use less than {{ maxValues[emailPurpose].bodyCountElementsImg }} image in your content.
Price tags ⚠️ Checking...
Price tag combined with images make your mails jump direct to Promotions Tab on GMail, more on this here.
Unsubscribe link Checking...
Comply with spam laws and provide an unsubscribe link for your members.

πŸ“« Email Service Provider

Which email service provider are you going to use to send this campaign?
️️️⚠️ Please select
Make sure that the ESP handles all aspects to take care of your reputation. Avoid using Google accounts to send your campaigns. They have send limits and don't handle several aspects to send campaigns safely. This could make activate a filter spam from your account.
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{{ actualScore }}%. Ohhh no, you have to adjust things to avoid being spammy πŸ™ˆ

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