Important: we have ceased activities. We realized that keep your Mailchimp email marketing list clean was not "the thing" we thought it was.
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Remove Inactive Subscribers from Mailchimp on Autopilot

Save money on email marketing keeping your Mailchimp list lean and nimble while unsubscribing inactive members.
SoapChimp removes inactive subscribers from Mailchimp maintaining your lists just with active members, don't waste money with inactive subscribers.

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SoapChimp removes inactive subscribers from Mailchimp based on the settings you configure. You don't need to use our software much, just set and forget it.


Demonstrate to your subscribers that your content matters and you craft awesome content just for Mailchimp active subscribers. Don't leave money on the table with inactive subscribers.


When unsubscribing dormant members, your Mailchimp engagement (open rates and click through rates) goes up. Nothing can goes wrong with that!


Rising your open and click through rates help your account preventing fall on spam lists.

Why cleaning?

What's the purpose of maintaining a Maichimp list of thousands of inactive email subscribers if they don't interact or care about your brand.

For people out there, subscribing to your list is free and if you care about numbers it's nice to have a large list of members, but you are leaving money on the table if most of your subscribers don't interact with your content.

No matter if you are a freelance designer or a big e-commerce site...

We keep your Mailchimp list lean and nimble!

How it works


Associate your Mailchimp account.


Indicate us the list to analyze for dormant subscribers.


Configure the cleaning process.


Go for a drink and save money on autopilot!


"SoapChimp it's an excellent and easy to use tool. We removed a lot of inactive members from our Mailchimp account that we did not even know we had and that we were paying for. This also helps us to adjust our communication strategy to achieve better results!" Emilia Roggiero Director of Business Development and Client Care Litwak & Partners
"A simple and easy to use tool that helps you optimize your Mailchimp lists. I strongly recommend it for those that manage large databases and pay monthly for inactive subscribers on Mailchimp." Wilmer Avila Executive Director OCEANIKO


One Time Cleaning

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Inactive members are hurting your open and click rates and wasting your money on a monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the members to unsubscribe?

You configure the amount of campaigns an user has not opened to be considered as an inactive subscriber. We analyze your campaigns analytics, segregate those inactive subscribers and we unsubscribe them.

What happen with the cleaned subscribers?

We unsubscribe them since it's the way to prevent you to be billed for inactive subscribers.

Can I keep the cleaned subscribers?

Yes, you can. In your admin panel you can see the cleaned subscribers and export them on CSV format.

Do you notify the cleaned subscribers to let them know they are out of the list?

No, we don't notify the members that they have been unsubscribed.

Can an unsuscribed member be subscribed again to receive my campaigns?

Yes. The cleaned member can be subscribedagain to your list or you can do it by hand.

Do you plan to negotiate my Mailchimp data for your benefit?

No, definitely not!. We won't use your data for any other purpose of helping you cleaning your list.

Is your platform secure?

Yes, it is!, we use the highest security standards to protect your data. We use 256-bit SSL encryption.

Have more doubts? Please contact us.

Save money on email marketing while keeping your Mailchimp list lean and nimble, remove inactive subscribers from Mailchimp.

Start Free Analysis No credit card required!